GeoStor More Data & Updates

The following data has been added or updated throughout the GeoStor System. We appreciate all those willing to coordinate and distribute information via GeoStor- Thank You!

These orthos have not been added to the High resolution ortho service. We are still working on our long term strategy to handle the high resolution orthos in an timely manner.
* 2009 Benton and Washington County orthos- Provided by Benton & Washington County

* 2008-2009 orthos for select lakes- Provided by Army Corps of Engineers

* All High & Medium Resolution National Hydrology datasets- Provided by USGS with assistance from ADEQ

* City Boundaries- Provided by Arkansas Highway & Transportation Department
NHD & City Boundary updates will be reflected in WFS. Basemap cache will be updated in the coming weeks.

* Ortho Footprint for Files on GeoStor FTP updated with ortho additions above

* Inland Electronic Navigation Charts (off site)- Provided by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

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