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County Assessors Mapping Program (CAMP)

CAMP is a cooperative partnership between the Arkansas Assessment Coordination Department (AACD), the Arkansas GIS Office, and participating counties. CAMP focuses on the development of cadastral mapping in Arkansas. The GIS Office provides technical GIS input and support for county assessors.

Cadastral mapping is acquiring hardware, software, spatial data, and training to place a point on structures/properties (utilizing digital orthos created through ADOP) that are listed within the counties’ computer-assisted mass appraisal (CAMA) system, and associating the proper parcel I.D. number (from the CAMA) to the point.

County assessors can be provided a basic Parcel Mapping Geodatabase structure to assist in the parcel mapping process. The program also provides additional training to assist in maintenance and quality control methods. Any parcel points (structure points) will be used to assist in the polygon creation and can be

auto-generated in the future. Cooperation between the county 911 office and the Assessor’s office will be encouraged to increase the accuracy of the CAMA (Computer Aided Mass Appraisal) systems.

  • AR Code 15-21-502 (6) – “Digital cadastre” means the storage and manipulation of computerized representations of parcel maps and linked parcel databases.
  • AR Code 15-21-504 (2) (B) – The digital cadastre manages and provides access to cadastral information. Digital cadastre does not represent legal property boundary descriptions, nor is it suitable for boundary determination of the individual parcels included in the cadastre.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the Cadastral Mapping Standard?

You may download a pdf copy of the standard here

Are County Assessors required to participate in CAMP?

CAMP is not a mandatory program. County assessors participate at their own will.

What if a county is already working on the digital cadastre for their area?

The county is encouraged to follow state standards so that a seamless statewide digital cadastre can be developed. Counties that have already begun developing a ‘polygon’ parcel layer are requested to coordinate with the GIS Office. A point file will be created from the county polygons when it is complete.

Will the results of CAMP Phase II replace the need of surveying?

Absolutely not. The results of CAMP Phase II will only provide a graphical representation and will not be suitable for legal boundary interpretation. The results of CAMP Phase II will provide Arkansas with a product useful for analysis of parcels in the State.

What Coordinate System should the GIS data be created in?

The GIS data should be created in AR State Plane (North or South), North American Datum 1983 (NAD 83), Feet. Refer to the CAMP Phase II Users Guide, page 59, to determine whether the county is located in the north or south zone.

Parcel Program Status Map