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Arkansas Master Address Program (AMAP)

A point file is a GIS data set that contains digital points that represent the physical address stored in a geospatial database. The database attributes consist of all appropriate elements of its address, as well as physical, postal city, and ZIP+4 where applicable.

This program is designed to compile a state wide address point database that can be used by all levels of government, the private sector, and individuals. The address points are sourced from local 911 PSAP, and field verified for accuracy. They are also processed through the USPS County Project initiative.

The address point project is an ongoing program to assist in maintenance, collection and quality control on behalf of local County and City 911 officials in  a standardized schema provided in different formats to ensure GIS and CAD software interoperability. The AMAP database is available through the ASDI Clearing house formerly known as GeoStor at no fee to users. Search for the keyword “address points” in the search bar above to download in County, City, or State wide datasets for the currently published aggregated Counties. 

Each time the address point file database is updated the Arkansas Statewide Geocoder is updated as well.

Address point data improves geocoding, aids emergency response, election administration and revenue generation through the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax initiative.


Arkansas GIS Office Services Offered Through the AMAP Program:

  • Inter/Intra Agency Coordination
  • Workflow Training/Guidance and Technical Support for APF data development
  • Hardware/Software Selection
  • GPS Data Dictionaries and GIS Database Templates
  • Reference Data Layers
  • Request for Bid Document Preparation Assistance
  • Standards/Best Practices
  • Quality Assurance on Deliverables (using National Standards for Spatial Data Accuracy and test geocoding)
  • Data Distribution
  • USPS ZIP+4 correlation and assignment (using data distrubuted by the USPS)
  • Feature Type processing (using address lists aggregated from state government) – status
  • Maintenance of a Master Statewide Layer via Program Participant Updates

Arkansas Address Point File (APF) Status Map