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Large Protestant Church (point)

Large Protestant Church (point)

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Updated: 2014-10-16 14:48:00

Publisher: Arkansas Department of Education

Publication Date: 22-Jan-08

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Large Protestant Church (point)

Large Protestant Churches in Arkansas The Large Protestant Churches dataset is composed of any type of building where Protestant Christians congregate as an organization to worship. In cases where membership or attendance figures were available, churches were selected for inclusion that had 750 or more members or attendees. In cases where such figures were not available, churches were selected based upon the population of the city that appears in their address. In this case, only churches in cities with 100,000 or more population were included. The Protestant Churches dataset should not include Non Christian, Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox and related churches of their descendants that split from the Roman Catholic church. Also not included in this dataset are homes of church representatives, schools and any type of administrative buildings. This dataset is comprised entirely of non licensed restricted data that was obtained through TGS original research. TGS has ceased making phone calls to verify information about religious locations. Therefore all entities in this dataset were “verified” using alternative reference sources, such as topo maps, parcel maps, various sources of imagery, and internet research. The [CONTHOW] (contact how) attribute for these entities has been set to “ALT REF”. The text fields in this dataset have been set to all upper case to facilitate consistent database engine search results. Non printable and control characters were removed from all text fields. All diacritics (e.g. the German umlaut or the Spanish tilde) have been replaced with their closest equivalent English character. This was done to facilitate using this dataset with database systems that may not support such characters. The currentness of this dataset is indicated by the [CONTDATE] attribute. Based upon this attribute, the oldest record dates from 2007/09/12 and the newest record dates from 2007/11/09

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