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Dam (point)

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Updated: 2018-01-25 09:48:00

Publisher: Arkansas Natural Resources Commission

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Dam (point)

Locations of Dams in Arkansas as provided to the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission by the Army Corp of Engineers. This database represents a collection of permitted dam locations in Arkansas. Dams within the State of Arkansas fall under a permit process established under Arkansas Code 15-22-201. All dams with height of 25 or more feet and containing 50 acre-feet or more of storage at normal pool must have a valid construction and operation permit from the Commission, unless they are owned by the United States Government. If smaller dams pose a threat to life or property, they may also require regulation by the State based on a petition by downstream landowners and results of a public hearing. Dams are defined as: Any barrier, including one for flood detention, designed to impound liquid volumes. This shall not include highway, railroad or other roadway embankments, including low water crossings that may temporarily detain floodwater, levees designed to prevent inundation by floodwater, or closed dikes to temporarily impound liquids in the event of emergencies and those barriers not exempt by Sections 701.3 or 701.4 of TITLE VII RULES GOVERNING DESIGN AND OPERATION OF DAMS [As Restated October, 1993]

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