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House Districts

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Updated: 2023-08-03 13:00:38

Publisher: Arkansas Secretary of State

Publication Date: 12 December 2022

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Data Description

House Districts – Secretary of State

This layer represents the Arkansas State House district boundaries adopted by the Arkansas Board of Apportionment on November 29, 2021. The Board of Apportionment, members were Governor Asa Hutchinson, Secretary of State John Thurston and Attorney General Leslie Rutledge. The Board’s composition and purpose were created in 1936 by Amendment 23 to the Arkansas Constitution. The Board is responsible for redrawing 100 House and 35 Senate Districts so that each district meets various legal criteria, including each district being about the same size in population. This redistricting is required by law once every 10 years after the Federal Census. The District boundaries represent the legal boundary of each district. The boundaries were extracted from census block, voting district (VTD) or county boundaries in the 2020 Census files. Additionally, prior to final publication for the 94th General Assembly, the data was aligned to the Arkansas GIS Office County Boundary data layer and checked for topological accuracy. A public record of the boundary plan is on file at the Elections Division of the Arkansas Secretary of State Office.

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