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2018 Impaired Streams 303 d list in Category 1b

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Updated: 2020-12-14 08:55:02

Publisher: Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality

Publication Date: 21-Aug-17

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Data Description

This data includes streams of Arkansas that have been assessed as meeting their water quality standards and designated uses, and have completed TMDLs (Total Maximum Daily Loads) in place for a previously impaired pollutant pair(s) (Category 1b). It consists of a subset of the streams from the National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) High Resolution (1:24,000) Flowline. Category 1b is described as follows: Category 1. Attains all water quality standards for all designated uses; categorized by existence of a TMDL or not for one or more constituents:1b. Attaining all water quality standards for all designated uses; however, a TMDL remains in place for one or more constituents