Fire Districts UALR Data Update

For many years the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Lab at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock, maintained maps of the fire districts in the state.  These were maintained for the Local Police & Fire Retirement System (LOPFI) and used to estimate population within fire districts that participated in that retirement system.  The LOPFI system no longer uses that information, and the 94th General Assembly adopted Act 39 of 2023 which eliminated the mapping requirement.  This represents the most recent publication from their work and will be the last update from this source.  Later this summer a different publication version of fire districts will be published reflecting on-going maintenance by the GIS Office.

We appreciate the hard work and diligence of the GIS Lab at UALR for maintaining the Fire Districts layer for all these years.

Please see below for additional details regarding this dataset.

Fire District (polygon)