Municipal Boundaries and Wards Update

The Arkansas GIS Office is pleased to announce we have updated Municipal Boundaries and Municipal Wards based on the below.

City Year Ordinance Court Order Type Ward Update
Cushman 2021 2021-07-01-O CC 2021-02 100% No
Greers Ferry NA NA NA NA Added wards to platform
Mountain Home 2021 NA NA Boundary Correction No
Paragould 1976 1018 95 Boundary Correction Yes
Paragould 2001 01-41 UNK Boundary Correction Yes
Quitman NA NA NA NA Added wards to platform
Rockport NA NA NA NA Added wards to platform
Siloam Springs 2021 21-14 CC 2021-13 100% Yes
Springdale 2020 5500 CC 2020-11 100% Yes
Springdale 2020 5509 CC 2020-14 100% Yes

Users who wish to download Municipal Boundary Changes can access the dataset here: may download the Municipal Boundary dataset here:

Municipal Wards may be downloaded here:

The Municipal Boundary and Municipal Boundary Change layers, as well as the associated ordinances and supporting documentation, can also be viewed online using our web app Check My City located at