2020 Census Total Population – Municipal and County Boundaries

We updated the total population fields in our Municipal and County Boundary layers based on Census field ‘P0010001’ in the recently released 2020 Decennial Census P.L. 94-171 Redistricting Data.

County Boundary – this file now contains total population from the 1900 to 2020 decennial censuses ‘POPxxxx’.

Municipal Boundary* – the 2020 Census total population per incorporated municipality is listed in the ‘population’ field.

* Special Note – Bethel Heights was consolidated into Springdale in 2021. Springdale’s population was recalculated by AGISO by combining Bethel Heights (3015) and Springdale (84161) in the original Census data.

This data can be viewed on our Map Viewer or downloaded here.

The Census ftp location for the full files is below:https://www2.census.gov/programs-surveys/decennial/2020/data/01-Redistricting_File–PL_94-171/Arkansas/