Data Updates: AOGC & AGFC

The Arkansas GIS office is pleased to announce that we have updated the below datasets on the Arkansas Spatial Data Infrastructure (ASDI) on behalf of the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission and the Arkansas Oil & Gas Commission. As always we’d like to extend our thanks to each organization for their hardwork maintaining these datasets.

Please note the update to the Oil and Gas Well data contains corrections to Lat/Long coordinate for each represented Well. During previous processing a less precise coordinate was indavertantly used that affected the accuracy of the dataset.  Thankfully this issue was brought to our attention and as a result the Arkansas GIS Office was able to make the necassary corrections in order to reprocess the data using the more accurate coordinates. We would definitely like to thank the individual that brought this issue to light and would certainly encourage future feedback, so please if you see something that doesn’t look right please let us know at  Additionally, the schema or database fields for the Oil and Gas Wells dataset was updated to match the schema that AOGC uses to make future updates easier. Please see below for additional information regarding where and how to download these datasets.

Arkansas Oil and Gas Wells

AGFC Gates And Barriers

Arkansas Game and Fish Buildings

Fish Attractors

Outdoor Recreation Access

Wildlife Management Area Boundary (polygon)

Outdoor Recreational Facilities

WMA Management Features