State District Courts First Time Publication

The Arkansas GIS Office is pleased to announce the publication of a series of State District Court boundaries. The Arkansas judicial system began studying the creation of state district courts as a pilot project to improve the effectiveness of the judicial system by reducing the number of district and city court judges, allowing a shift of cases from circuit to district court and ultimately improving access to the judicial system. In 2019 the 92nd General Assembly passed a series of legislative acts that fully implements the system based on the success of the pilot project. Contained in the statutes are the written descriptions of these district boundaries as they are implemented over time. The GIS Office worked closely with the Administrative Office of the Courts to prepare this collection of GIS data reflecting the implementation timetables from 2019, to changes that become effective in 2021 and changes to become effective in 2025. GIS users can access and retrieve these newly published GIS layers at the following:

State District Courts 2019 (Polygons)

State District Courts 2021 (Polygons)

State District Courts 2025 (Polygons)