Election Precincts Updated on GeoStor – Farmington, Arkansas

The County Election Precincts have been updated on GeoStor.
Special thanks to Washington County Clerk, Becky Lewallen,and the Washington County Election Commission.
This update includes changes to reflect new precincts in Washington County, Arkansas for the City of Farmington.  This change is in response to the former Farmington precinct exceeding 3,000 registered voters which is excess of that allowed by Arkansas Code 7-5-101 (3)(B). 

The Washington County Election Commission ordered the precinct divided into Farmington Precinct 1 consisting of territory in Farmington City Limits lying north of US 62 Highway, less and except territory lying in the Farmington S precinct and Farmington Precinct 2 which consists of all territory in Farmington City Limits lying south of US 62 Highway, less and except territory lying in the Farmington S precinct, effective January 17, 2014.

This data set contains polygons and attributes which represent the election precincts for the counties in the State of Arkansas. It includes the precinct name or number assigned by each County Election Commission. The election precincts include multi-part polygons that are not contiguous in some counties.   The Farmington S precinct is one example of a multi-part polygon in this data set.
The compilation of this data is an effort of the Secretary of State to aid in election administration and future redistricting.