Legislature to Learn About State GIS Business Plan

The Arkansas General Assembly’s Joint Committee on Advanced Communications and Information Technology (JCACIT) will be meeting in Room 130 of the State Capitol on Wednesday June 9, 2010.The committee is comprised of State House and Senate members and is set up to provide leadership on technology issues and opportunities for the State.

This particular meeting is significant for GIS in Arkansas.  On the agenda, Geographic Information Officer Shelby Johnson of the AGIO is to speak about how GIS is “putting Arkansas on the map.”  Johnson will then introduce Michael Terner, who is the executive vice president of Applied Geographics, as well as the project manager and principal author of the Arkansas Geospatial Strategic Business Plan.  Terner will use his time on the agenda to present the Committee with the executive summary and recommended investments on framework data that resulted from the plan.

The investment calls for additional AGIO staff; a 1-foot-resolution digital ortho-imagery program; road centerline and administrative boundary maintenance, and statewide parcels on a 70/30 split with the counties.

The Arkansas Geospatial Strategic Business Plan is available on the AGIO Web site:


The list of JCACIT members is available here: