More GeoStor Data / Apps / Updates

This update includes a number of additions to the GeoStor Platform. We appreciate all those willing to coordinate and distribute information via GeoStor- Thank You!
* Geologic Data – provided by the Arkansas Geological Survey * Pdf and Footprint for available files (with ftp link) *

High Resolution Orthos

2008 City of Van Buren- provided by City of Van Buren

* 2009 Faulkner County- provided by City of Conway, Conway Development Corporation and Faulkner County

* 2009 Pulaski County- provided by Pulaski Area GIS (PAgis) member agencies and USGS FTP-

* 2009 Saline County- provided by Saline County Assessor Office

* State Network Status Map
* State Methamphetamine Statistics Map
* ADEQ EnviroView (previously announced)
* Saline County Assessor Viewer (previously announced)
* Crawford County Assessor Viewer (previously announced)

* GeoStor Tutorial and Metadata updated with WMS & WFS (url & capabilities):
* Ortho Footprint for Files on GeoStor FTP ( updated with ortho additions abovenet