Tammy Sanders Added to List of GIS Leaders

        The Arkansas Geographic Information Office in Little Rock has recently named Izard County Assessor Tammy Sanders to our list of Geographic Information System (GIS) leaders. Sanders has lived in Calico Rock (located in Izard) for most of her life, and has been a full-time Assessor for the county for several years. Izard County is one of three Arkansas counties that currently use a rural route addressing system. As Assessor, Sanders had been mapping land ownership information for several years; however, it became increasingly evident that the old address system was hindering the county’s ability to locate and manage its property tax records. In response, Sanders organized a 9-1-1 committee, and began to advocate her plans to stakeholders and residents. Thanks to Sanders and those who have worked alongside her on this project, Izard County is now close to having a complete city-style address system. 

        Sanders says the greatest challenge she and her team have faced so far is with funding. However, with the help of the AGIO revenue funds, as well as state and local grants, Izard County has received the financial backing to assist in the completion of this project.  Sanders adds that her greatest accomplishment with this project will be when Izard County has a completed and functional map, “one that will last forever.” She expressed how thankful and proud she was of everyone who has helped with and supported this project along the way, including city mayors, the postal service, public officials, the AGIO team, and of course the  employees at Izard County’s Assessor Office. “Our employees have taken the initiative to not only do their job but do it well,” says Sanders. “I’m very proud of them.”

        We at the AGIO, who have worked side-by-side with Sanders, want to let everyone in the GIS community know what an outstanding public servant and exemplary citizen she is.