GeoStor 6.0 Updates

It has been awhile since I have posted any updates, mainly because I have been so busy working on them! Now that we have gotten our AGS services stabilized (hopefully…) I have been able to move ahead with other projects that are dependent upon AGS. I will outline what we are rolling out with this latest update below. If you find any issues (and I know you will) please let us know via the GIS Users Forum listserv, this blog, or our email address.

  • GeoCortex Essentials is now working for all the application map viewers
  • The Advanced Search page UI has been updated:
    • Checking or unchecking the clip by map viewer control will:
      • Enable/disable the map controls and make it opaque or visible
      • Change the download dialog box appropriately
      • Change the text above the map viewer
      • You can check this box on the fly and change your download, after you have already searched or beforehand
    • This change is to address some confusion about what the map is for on the advanced search page, hopefully this will clear that up
  • Our main map viewer has been replaced by the ESRI Flex Viewer, hopefully you will like this map viewer better
    • This should address some of the JavaScript issues and browser compatibility issues we have seen
    • CAVEATS:

      • You have to clear your browser cache if there have been any updates of the Flex Viewer otherwise you will never see them, also do this if you have any issues with the Viewer

      • In order to see the Hybrid map you have to click Live Maps under the Map icon and enable it, I haven’t found away to show two services at once in the default Viewer without doing it this way
    • We will be putting out a tutorial on how to use the new Viewer shortly
  • Last and not least, I am putting a beta Geocoder online for people to use. We are also using it in the Flex Viewer (go to Tools and Locate)
    • This is a composite Geocoder that consists of the following Locators:
      • Address points (for counties that have them)
      • Arkansas Centerline File
      • Streamline Zip9
    • Issues:
      • The Flex Viewer lookup doesn’t seem to honor the match sensitivity for some reason, so the inputted addresses need to be pretty close spelling and format-wise to match
      • The Reverse Geocoder hasn’t been tested very much, I used a known X,Y and it returned an address, other than that I haven’t used it.
    • CAVEATS:
      • This Geocoder could go away or get changed at any time so please do not use it in any production applications
      • Please do not do any big batch geocoding jobs against it for right now, I will disable that feature if necessary


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