GeoStor 6.0 Updates

Well, I have been busy the past week or so fixing the bugs that folks have submitted as well as ones that we have found along the way. These are the things that I have changed since the last update:


  • The proper metadata is being attached with downloads now (it wasn’t being modified to the downloader’s specifications before)
  • All the big selection lists are hard coded in the html rather than being pulled from the webservice, they load much faster now
  • The validation for the Township/Range & Quad selection lists on the download dialog has been fixed
  • Downloads of Watershed, Township/Range & Quad clips all work now
  • Took off the UI block for all ajax operations, kinda defeated the purpose of the asynchronous communications
  • The map viewer should work all the time now, but IE7 users will have to clear their browser cache occasionally for some odd reason
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes in the code and some improvements in performance
  • Changed all the fonts to be the same
  • Fixed the flash of unstyled content before the javascript is completely loaded

Added Features

  • Switched to the jQuery plugin jGrowl for all the informational and warning notifications (the little boxes that pop up in the top right corner)
  • Changed the formatting for the output results to be easier to read
  • Updated the Watershed HUC8 dataset in GeoStor
  • Users are informed of the submission of a download as well as the success of that submission


  • Finish setting up GeoCortex Essentials
  • The map viewer still has some quirks regarding navigating with the mouse