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12 Digit Watershed Boundary Dataset 2017 (polygon)

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Updated: 2017-09-26 08:09:12

Publisher: USGS

Publication Date: 20-July-2017

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Data Description

This data set is a complete digital hydrologic unit boundary layer to the Subwatershed (12-digit) 6th level for the State of Arkansas. This data set consists of geo-referenced digital data and associated attributes created in accordance with the “FGDC Proposal, Version 1.0 – Federal Standards For Delineation of Hydrologic Unit Boundaries 3/01/02″( Polygons are attributed with hydrologic unit codes for 4th level sub-basins, 5th level watersheds, 6th level subwatersheds, name, size, downstream hydrologic unit, type of watershed, non-contributing areas and flow modification. Arcs are attributed with the highest hydrologic unit code for each watershed, line source and a metadata reference file.

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