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GIS Board Member : Darin Mitchell




Darin Mitchell is the Sr. GIS Analyst for the Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage, and Tourism. As the agency’s highest-ranking GIS professional, Mitchell is responsible for the development and management of State Parks’ GIS infrastructure, personnel, and related operations.

As a former engineer technician, residential designer, and business owner, Mitchell has over nineteen years of construction, surveying, CAD, and GIS experience.

In 2008, Mitchell was nationally recognized for the design of Little Rock’s first USGBC LEED Certified high-density residential development. He is a certified GIS Professional (GISP) who has received national recognition for his use of GIS in state government.

Mitchell is a 2017 ESRI SAG Award recipient and, most recently received the 2018 National Association of State Parks Directors (NASPD) Innovation Award for his use of GIS and web technologies in park management.

Mitchell stays active in the GIS community by conducting workshops, presentations, and speaking engagements throughout Arkansas and neighboring states. Darin combines his love for the outdoors with his knowledge of GIS by serving on multiple committees tasked with advising others on recreational trail development, agency policy, and resource management.

He is an active NASAR certified Search & Rescue Tech II and serves on the state-wide search & rescue team, as well as the agency’s SAR Training Committee. In his free-time, Darin enjoys mountain biking, hunting, fishing, and spending time camping and traveling with his wife and daughter.

Appointed 10/30/2019

Expired on 8/1/2022 – Full Term

Reappointed 10/14/2022

Expires on 8/1/2026