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2017 Boundary and Annexation Survey (BAS) Submitted to US Census Bureau

On February 28th, the Arkansas GIS Office submitted the 2017 BAS (Boundary and Annexation Survey) to the US Census Bureau. Included in this submittal are annexations/de-annexations/boundary changes recorded with the Secretary of State’s Office in 2017. Also included are boundary corrections and historic annexations that took place prior to 2017. Below is a breakdown of […]

Municipal Boundaries Update

We have updated the Municipal Boundaries and Municipal Boundary Changes layers based on the following annexations and geometry corrections: City Document date Change type ALMA 2017 Detachment ALPENA 2017 Annexation BALD KNOB 2009 Geometry correction BENTON 2017 Annexation BENTONVILLE 2017 Annexation BENTONVILLE 2017 Annexation BENTONVILLE 2017 Annexation BONO 2013 Geometry correction CAVE SPRINGS 2017 Annexation CAVE […]