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Greene County: 1 Foot Orthos 2015 (Raster)

Greene County: 1 Foot Orthos 2015 (Raster)

Updated: 2015-11-20 10:26:00

Publisher: Greene County, Arkansas

Publication Date: 20-Nov-15

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Data Description

This dataset consists of 1 foot orthorectified imagery collected between 3/15/15 and 3/23/15 by EFS GeoTechnologies (  Orthorectified using 5 Meter statewide DEM. All aerial photography was orthorectified and stitched together to form seamless digital mosaics.  The individual mosaics were subset to the coverage flown, and the individual mosaics were named by the USGS naming convention for quarterquadrangle sheets.  All data is fully owned by Greene County.  Greene County retains all rights to use, distribute, and/or modify the information as it deems necessary.

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