Data Updates! Multiple Datasets

The Arkansas GIS Office is pleased to announce that we have updated the 911 Address Points for Benton & Faulkner Counties.  We would like to thank the staff of both Counties for their efforts at maintaining this data.

Address Points

Additionally, we have published updated data from the United States Post Office,  Arkansas Department of Transportation, Arkansas Game & Fish Commission, and the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality. Please see below for more information regarding these data updates! Last but not not least we also updated our statewide Address Locator/Geocoding service to reflect the recent ZIP+4/911 Address updates. Again see below for details.

Arkansas Statewide Geocoder

Zip Plus 4

Enviromental Facility (point)

Enviromental Permitted Site (point)

Arkansas Road Inventory

AGFC Gates And Barriers

Arkansas Game and Fish Buildings

Fish Attractors

Outdoor Recreation Access

Outdoor Recreational Facilities

Wildlife Management Area Boundary (polygon)

WMA Management Features