Arkansas GIS Office Invitation to Bid – Nevada County Parcel Mapping

The Arkansas Geographic Information Systems Office (AGISO) in partnership with Nevada County, Arkansas is seeking a qualified contractor to create a cadastral dataset for Nevada County Arkansas.



Under this solicitation, the state shall provide sixty-percent (60%) of the funding for the project with the balance derived from required matching funds from the county.  Forty-percent (40%) of the cost of the parcel mapping project shall come from the county.  The AGISO and County together have collected and assembled as much parcel mapping source information as feasible that will be necessary to begin parcel mapping immediately upon award.  A collective goal of the parties is to avoid the delay that normally takes place gathering source data.  All of the source data gathered and assembled is available via a dedicated File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site, and may be downloaded for inspection and evaluated by prospective bidders.


The entire Bid announcement is located online at the following address:


All associated source documents, materials and records furnished by Nevada County are located within the sub-folders at the same site linked above.


Any questions associated with this Bid must be directed to Shelby Johnson in writing, via email (  Please observe the bid questions deadline in the bid document.