Geocode Service Change Notification


On May 1st, 2018 the Arkansas GIS office will implement a major change to the geocode services available at

This new service will provide the capability to geocode/locate to several levels of accuracy not currently available in the legacy services. The service will still support 911 physical address locations, as well as road centerline interpolation, and ZIP+4 geocoding; but the service will also include the  capability to geocode to traditionally less accurate geographies such as city and/or zip code. This is valuable in the instances where the address data being geocoded is incomplete, malformed or in the cases where structure level accuracy is not necessary due to the nature of the project. Additionally, these changes will make it much easier for the service indexes to be updated as we receive new road, address, or postal data in our data maintenance efforts.

Users should act now.

If you use any of these geocoding services please before May 1st incorporate the beta service into your workflows to ensure that it still meets your needs. If the new service fails to meet your needs please let us know at and we will explore modifying or adding functionality to ensure your business needs are met.