All Public Roads Linear Referencing System, aka ARNOLD, data upload complete!

We are extremely pleased to announce that final upload of the remaining All Public Roads Linear Referencing System (ARNOLD) datasets has been completed.  With this update now complete, users will have the ability to query and summarize attributes such as road ownership (state, county, municipal, etc.) and surface type (paved or unpaved) at a statewide level, as well as apply symbology in a standardized manner.  Additionally, the Arkansas Centerline File (ACF) now supports linear referencing and dynamically segmented linear events which can be displayed and queried without altering the underlying road centerlines.

These datasets represent the culmination of joint project spanning over two years undertaken by the Arkansas Department of Transportation and the Arkansas GIS Office.  Read more about the ARNOLD project here.


This data can be downloaded or accessed from any of the following methods.

Download here:

Web Feature Service:

Web Map Service: