Address Points: First Time Publication (Little River Co) and Updates

The Address Point File (APF) is updated on GeoStor.  This update includes — for the first time — address points for Little River County; it also includes an updates for the city of Jonesboro and the counties of Clark, Cleveland, and Howard. This new data set is provided to you through a joint partnership with Little River County, Connect-Arkansas and the Arkansas Geographic Information Office.  This brings the total number of 911 address points residing on GeoStor to 1,228,037! Counties, municipalities and other addressing officials are doing some impressive work to bring the vision of a statewide addressing point file from that, a vision, to reality.

Statewide Status Map:



Thanks to Little River, Clark, Cleveland, and Howard counties; the city of Jonesboro; and all of the state’s 911 addressing officials for sharing their data with the public through GeoStor.