AHTD Log Mile Points Now Available on GeoStor

We are very excited to announce the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD) has added Log Mile Points for on System and Off System log miles.  These two data sets represent a major undertaking by the Department.  For every road on the State Highway System AHTD calculated the log mile point in 100 foot increments.   They also calculated these points for Off System Roads that are potentially eligible for Federal Aid.

The attributes include information such as Route, Section, Log Mile, traffic count, access, median status, Latitude, Longitude and a number of other metrics.  This layer was originally generated to aide the crash locators with law enforcement and the AHTD. Each crash on the State Highway System has to be reported with the log mile of the crash location. This layer provides an easy method for finding those log miles. 

To download Log Mile Points On System – http://bit.ly/LogPointOnSystem

To download Log Mile Points Off System – http://bit.ly/LogPointOffSystem

The data can also be accessed via GeoStor feature services under the transportation category.


Once again, AHTD is leading the way in providing an important transportation data set that can be used by Law Enforcement and Public Safety users to locate emergencies.

Thanks AHTD for sharing this important data set to the GIS community at large.