AGIO, SoS Redistricting Office Develops Contract Template

In an effort to serve public officials with the redistricting process, the Arkansas Geographic Information Office and Secretary of State Redistricting Office developed a contract template for redistricting.

Arkansas law requires county justice of peace districts, city wards and applicable school district board zones to be redrawn following each decennial census.

The document was designed so that it could be modified to be used by county election commissions, city councils and school boards.  It covers the technical information necessary to employ the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to conduct the analysis and mapping.

The detailed Census population information will flow from the Census to the Arkansas Board of Apportionment (governor, attorney general, secretary of state) on Feb. 11.

The Census will verify the Arkansas Board of Apportionment has received the data.

Shortly after, the Census will make it electronically available on their website.

Once the data is available on its website, the AGIO will acquire it and publish it on GeoStor, the state’s GIS platform.  The Census blocks and population data can be downloaded from GeoStor.  A link to this resource is contained in the specification.

Additionally, the AGIO assembled a series of supplementary GIS files that can be used to support the process.  These are also linked in the specification.

Questions Regarding Redistricting:

Arkansas Secretary of State’s Office

AJ Kelly, General Counsel

State Capitol Rm 256

Little Rock, Arkansas 72201-1094

Phone: (501) 682-3401

Questions Regarding Geographic Information Systems (GIS):

Arkansas Geographic Information Office

Shelby Johnson, Geographic Information Officer

1 Capitol Mall

2nd Floor 2B 900

Little Rock, AR 72201


We are taking this proactive step so that new district zone data can be sent to the State, where these electronic files can be archived, preserved and available for public distribution from the state’s GIS platform.

State Releases GIS Redistricting Specification for Counties