WGS84 Conversion

I have been working on converting all web map services to WGS84 and it is becoming a long and laborious project so I want to know if people even want to convert to WGS84. If no one wants it I’ll just leave everything as is and move on to something else.


  • It’s a standard projection, so it makes mashups A LOT easier
  • GPS points would work (they have to be converted to UTM now)
  • Our services would be compatible with just about everyone else
  • You can still use the services in your map documents


  • It’s a pain to have to re-project the data every time
  • The cached services in WGS84 will not re-project on the fly
  • You will get a warning about different projections in map documents

There will be a poll on our blog, please select your preference there.