GeoStor Update

So many things going on! Brief summary:

  • There were some issues with raster downloads, these should be fixed now
    • You also shouldn’t be able to download a raster data set in incompatible formats now
  • BIG NEWS!!!!
    • Most of our storage hardware will be out of warranty in a few months and you know what happens when stuff goes out of warranty…
    • We petitioned for funds to replace that old hardware and it was approved!
      • So, hopefully, during the holiday season we will be upgrading our storage hardware.
      • This will cause some outages unfortunately so be prepared for it over the holidays.
  • Image Server
    • The migration is on-going, we have it installed and are building the service definitions
    • We will be migrating during the holiday season hopefully
      • This will affect anyone using our raster caches unfortunately, there will be more on this later
  • WGS84 Migration
    • We are migrating all our web services to WGS84 to be compatible with everyone else, bring on the mashups!
    • This will also allow the use of standard GPS coordinates to be used on the map viewers
  • SQL Server 2008 Migration
    • Information about the new SQL Server installation
      • Everything will be 64bit
        • Windows 2008 x64
        • SQL Server 2008 x64
        • ArcSDE x64 (Yes they have a 64 bit version of SDE. I know, right?)
      • It will be clustered using MSCS
      • All new hardware
        • 3Ghz Dual Quad Core Processors
        • 8GB RAM
        • REALLY fast storage – 2TB RAID 10
      • Spatial Changes
        • We will be using the new SDE data type ST_GEOMETRY which is almost twice as fast as the one we’re currently using in Oracle
        • We will have SQL Server 2008 Spatial
    • Status:
      • The cluster has been built
      • SQL Server has been installed
      • I am working with ESRI to get SDE working because there are some strange issues going on


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