GeoStor 6.0 Bug Fixes & Feature Requests

I want to post our current progress on bug fixes and feature requests on this blog to keep everyone informed about what is going on. If you find a bug that is NOT on this list please comment here or email it to and I will add it to the list. The bug is listed first with the technology/issue and status below it, it is the same for the feature requests. If you have any suggestions on something to try or solutions to any of these comment here or send it to me in an email to the address above.



  • Drop down lists in reverse
    • I pull the results from a DB that is accessed via a web service. All the returned data is in JSON which is then converted to a JS object. The selection list is populated via a jQuery plugin and it goes though inserting each new one in the selection list.
  • Map viewer isn’t lined up right in IE7
    • Using a DIV for layout, works in FF & Chrome, I have tried resizing the DIV without any result in the map rendered by IE7.
  • Don’t change data in info/warn DIV until fade is complete
    • Haven’t started on this one
  • The unordered list in the info/warn boxes isn’t left justifying in IE7
    • I have tried using CSS and classic HTML to left justify them and neither made a difference
  • The email address validator was incorrectly blocking valid email addresses
    • FIXED
  • Clipping by watersheds does not work
    • FIXED
  • Pressing enter does not submit the search on certain browsers
    • FIXED
  • When you drag to zoom in on the viewer the dragged extent box doesn’t show up properly, if at all
    • Working on this one
  • On the services page you can’t collapse the current item
    • FIXED


Feature Requests

  • A “Working” animation
    • ADDED
  • Results pagination or sorting
    • Checked into it, required quite a bit more coding so we decided to just show the top results only if there are too many results
  • Toggle the column description popup
    • I tried this at first but using the jQuery toggle function seems to toggle everything on the page when you use it
  • Document how to use the map viewers (viewer and advanced search)
    • Coming
  • Document what the map is used for on the adv search
    • Coming

I also changed some layout and font issues that were identified.