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Lara Wood

Lara began working with GIS in 2000 as an undergraduate at the University of California, Davis while employed by the California Department of Parks and Recreation. After graduating with a B.A in Anthropology (Archaeology emphasis) in 2002, she began work as an Archaeologist for Tremaine & Associates, a Cultural and Natural Resources firm. While there, she acquired an A.S. in Geographic Information Systems from American River College in 2005.
At Tremaine & Associates, Lara was a Staff Archaeologist, GIS Analyst and Geophysics Field Supervisor. In addition to archaeological work, she conducted levee integrity surveys using a proprietary electronic remote sensing instrument. She processed, analyzed and mapped the resulting data. These surveys provided the Army Corps of Engineers and the California Department of Water Resources valuable information on potential areas of levee weakness in the central valley delta region.

Lara started her own GIS consulting business, Lara M. Wood, GIS Consulting, in 2005. Her clients consist of companies representing Land Management, Energy and Cultural and Natural Resource business sectors. With over 12 years of GIS experience, she has worked on projects ranging from mapping lease acquisitions to performing spatial analyses for siting large-scale solar facilities. She also has extensive experience processing and mapping GPS data for archaeological projects and reports.

A native of Cabot, Lara returned home to Arkansas in 2009. She joined the team at AGIO in November of 2012, as a contract GIS Analyst for the Connect-Arkansas program. Under this program, she assists numerous counties with the development and creation of address point data to facilitate emergency response systems.

Phone:(501) 682-3285