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Massive Parcel Update – Now Available

Staff have been busy processing a major update of parcel data now available for consumption. Publication Status by County. Parcels centroids have been updated for the counties corresponding to the polygon updates listed. New parcel polygons now available for Franklin and Washington counties. Updated parcel polygons for Baxter, Boone, Chicot, Clark, Conway, Faulkner, Jackson, Little […]

Address, Parcel, Road, Ortho Updates

Addresses (705,783) – This file has been scrubbed again to remove duplicate and null values dataset: Filename (STRUC_SITUS_ADDRESS_PT_point) Parcels- Van Buren County has been updated in this file dataset: Filenames (CADAS_PARCEL_POLYGON_CAMP and CADAS_PARCEL_CENTROID_CAMP) Roads- Crawford, Less Sebastian, and Scott have been updated in this file dataset: Filename (TRANSP_ROADS_ACF_line) 2010 […]

Craighead County Parcel Update

Craighead County has provided an update of their parcels. The GeoStor database has been updated with the data provided. Thanks goes to Craighead County for their willingness to share data. Download – FTP (for whole state)-

Mike Hamby GIS Specialist, Crawford County Assessor’s Office announced yesterday. This site is intended to provide access (via a viewer) to parcel information that resides in the public domain. Access to the viewer has been added to GeoStor Parcel data can be downloaded here for no fee. Thank you Mike and Crawford County, AR for sharing.