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Description: ARKANSAS STATE HIGHWAY AND TRANSPORTATION DEPARTMENT Process for Establishing a Weight Restriction on A Non-weight Restricted HighwayIt is beneficial to the motorists of Arkansas that full, unrestricted access be provided on all highways when possible. However, it is the responsibility of the Department to ensure that the highways are maintained in a condition suitable for use by the traveling public. In order to maintain some sections of highways in a suitable condition, it may be necessary at times to limit the amount of weight that can be carried by a single load on those sections.The following is the process by which sections of highways that are experiencing significant deterioration can be weight restricted to preserve their conditions.The initial evaluation and continual monitoring of all highways is the responsibility of the appropriate District Engineer and staff.Distress that can be attributed to loadings in excess of those for which the pavement was designed or is the result of seasonal or unusual conditions that have changed the characteristics of the pavement or supporting base may be cause for a pavement evaluation. At the first sign of significant distress in a highway pavement for which there are no near-term improvements, the District Engineer will evaluate the route and report the evaluation to the State Maintenance Engineer. After consultation, the District Engineer or the State Maintenance Engineer may request a roadway strength analysis from the Planning and Research Division. Pavement and base information from the Materials Division will be combined with data from the Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) to assess pavement strengths. The results of the pavement strength analysis will be reported to the State Maintenance Engineer and the District Engineer.If the pavement strength analysis indicates a short remaining pavement life due to the increased loading or seasonal conditions, the District Engineer and State Maintenance Engineer will consult to determine whether the posting of a weight restriction is recommended. The State Maintenance Engineer will forward the strength analysis and supporting data to the Assistant Chief Engineer-Operations with a recommendation for the posting of a weight restriction of the highway. The recommendation will include the specific weight restriction that the State Maintenance Engineer and the District Engineer believe to be appropriate.The Assistant Chief Engineer-Operations will coordinate the weight restriction recommendations with a committee composed of the Assistant to the Director and the Assistant Chief Engineers for Planning and for Design. The Assistant Chief Engineer-Operations will forward a final recommendation to the Deputy Director and Chief Engineer for approval.Upon the Deputy Director and Chief Engineer’s approval of the posting of a weight restriction, the District Engineer will make a public notification to the local media 10 days in advance of the official posting. In addition, the District Engineer will make necessary notifications within the Department and arrange for appropriate signing of the route for enforcement purposes.This process should be considered for preventing failure of the pavement after all reasonable standard maintenance operations are used to maintain and strengthen a pavement.

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Copyright Text: The Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department.

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